Final SRC design approved, looking to the outside, huddle groups

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LOTS GOING ON!  The momentum surrounding the SRC and its Mobile Unit is truly amazing and contagious!  Here are a few highlights:

  • Final design for the interior of the SRC approved last Friday by the USGBC NF Board of Directors.  WooHoo!
  • Wonderful ideas are already flowing about the exterior part of the SRC along the sidewalk and street.
  • SRC Donation and Sponsor Package goes live!  Please help us find the moola to make this amazing project a reality.  Please send to all your close friends and family and to companies who believe in sustainability in our region.  Let’s make this happen!
  • Various SRC huddle groups are meeting between now and Thanksgiving to address interior design, furniture, marketing, etc.  If you want to get involved, just reach out to one of the huddle group facilitators.

SRC Task Force Huddle Groups

Huddle groups are temporary teams who come together for a short period of time to figure out a certain aspect of the SRC

  • SRC Fundraising Team– this team is in charge of raising enough money to build and open the SRC through meetings, proposals, sponsors, and individual contributions all of which includes researching corporation grants and sponsorships, seeking in-kind product donations, and to some extent vetting products
    • Members: Sarah Boren (Facilitator –; 904-535-0055), USGBC NF Board, and Vanessa Harper
    • Meetings: no regular meetings; contact Sarah Boren (; 904-535-0055) if you would like to help
    • SRC Donation & Sponsor Package
  • Overall Design/Engineering/Construction LEED Teams
    • Core SRC Team Members: Sarah Boren (Facilitator), Eric Hickox, Mark Gelfo, Corie Baker, Ellen Reed, Tom Goldsbury, Hava Binkley, Rondra Bolden, Wayne Dunn
      • Meetings: occasional; most everything done by email
    • LEED Documentation Members: Mark Gelfo (Facilitator:, Sarah Boren, Ellen Reed, Kevin Bennett (, Mercelin Etienne (, Mary Couch, Sonja Curcic (
      • Next meeting date: TBD (Contact Facilitator)


  • Exterior Huddle Group– this group is in charge of designing the SRC’s exterior space on the sidewalk and to the side of the Center including landscape, hardscape, urban agricultural components, LID, rainwater harvesting, etc.
    • Members: Corie Baker (Facilitator –, Catherine Burkee, Allan Iouse, Kevin Songer, Sarah Boren, Kevin Bennett, Aaron Glick, Chris Flagg,  Anna Dooley, Bob Chabot, Kevin Bennett, Mercelin Etienne, Janna Tamargo, Kim Gainey
    • Next meeting date: week before Thanksgiving probably (see Resources page for notes from meeting on Oct. 26th)
    • Resources: Check out local green roof blog on a building that is tracking LEED Platinum:  
  • Interior Huddle Groups
    • Systems— Mechanical, controls, lighting, technology/smart building, solar, wind, plug load/equipment needs (computers, kitchen appliances, AV, LED displays, etc.)
      • Members: Mark Gelfo (Facilitator –, Dan Fulmer, Ernie Alton, Pat Walsh, John Rall, Wayne Dunn, Randy Bomar, Ellen Reed, Tim Miller, Sarah Boren, Kevin Bennett, Mercelin Etienne
      • Next meeting date: TBD (contact Facilitator)
    • Furniture, Displays/Gallery & Reuse vs New opportunities
      • Members: Melanie DeMasi and Jose Cardenas (Co-Facilitators – and / 904-399-5282), Susan Davies, Robert Balch, Jose Cardenas, Courtney Rollwagen, Arvid Pedersen, Eric Evans, Sarah Boren, Kevin Bennett, Mercelin Etienne, Ellen Reed
      • Next meeting date: TBD (contact Facilitator)
    • Interior Design of Rooms/Spaces (e.g., Training, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Office, Mechanical), Flooring, Paints & Wall space for 2D exhibits and art work
      • Members: Aaron Schreiber and Marie Hurst (Co-Facilitators – and, Ron Titus, Brittany Humphrey, Jose Cardenas, Courtney Rollwagen, Arvid Pedersen, Mercelin Etienne, Sarah Boren, Melanie DeMasi, Kevin Bennett, Mercelin Etienne
      • Next meeting date: TBD (contact Facilitator)
    • Donor Recognition Wall/Interactive
      • Members: Kevin Bennett and Mercelin Etienne (Co-Facilitators — and, Sarah Boren, Corie Baker, Ellen Reed
      • Next meeting date: Nov. 2nd 3:30pm
  • Marketing & Communications (Messaging the SRC) Team— this team is in charge of getting the word out about the SRC through large media outlets (TV, print, radio, internet, etc.), reaching out to professional organizations via email and presentations, and keeping SRC blog active with new information
    • Members: JoAnn Leisher (Facilitator —, Ellen Reed, Dana Carlson, Jason Mudd, Will Duke, Trish Michaels, Courtenay Rollwagen, Emily Crews, Sarah Boren
    • Next meeting date: Thursday, Nov. 3 10-11:30am AXIA Public Relations 200 E. Forsyth
  • Mobile Unit Team— this team is in charge of getting the mobile unit designed, built, and out educating the community. This involves with researching types of vehicles and costs, creating a sponsorship package, working with JEA as a partner, holding charrette(s) for design, features, and use, finding products, etc.
    • Members: Rondra Bolden (Facilitator –, Tony Turrin, Ashley Evans, Robert Balch, Jane Upton, Sarah Boren, Bruce Doueck, Kevin Bennett, Mercelin Etienne
    • Next meeting date: TBD (Contact Facilitator)
  • SRC College/Highschool Internship Program Team
    • Members: Sarah Boren (Facilitator —, April Moore, Elizabeth Porter
    • Next meeting date: TBD (Contact Facilitator)
Thank you!

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Close to final design of the North Florida Sustainability Resource Center Lunch and learn about another downtown LEED CI project

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