Provide a cutting edge downtown Resource Center that educates and inspires a “take action” attitude from the general public, professionals, and decision makers about the triple bottom line of sustainability – people, planet, and profits.

The USGBC North Florida Chapter, an active and trusted 501(c)3 non-profit in the region, envisions a 5,000 square foot LEED Platinum certified net zero space containing a gallery of innovative green building and sustainability living demonstrations, a robust sustainability library, a training space, and a home base for our partner organizations.  This destination-spot will attract people from all over NE Florida to this downtown location for special events, education programs, and serve as a community resource for green building and sustainable practices.  The front entrance will be an attractive point of interest with a living green wall, porous materials, native landscaping, an electric vehicle charging station, and other visible sustainable strategies such as wind and solar.


  • Gallery Demonstration Area: Dynamic and interactive with educational displays, showcases, and products
  • Resource Library/Meeting Area: Area designed for research, meeting, and learning.
  • Training Area: Large area flexibly designed with movable walls for many types of programs
  • Study & Media Lounge: Comfortable “touch down” work/meeting area and space to view sustainable media information (e.g., movies, videos, audio, etc.)
  • Mobile Unit: Demonstrational vehicle that takes the educational information and savings opportunities out into the community
  • Open Educational Process: Public charrettes, open meetings, direct mentoring, web-based public monitoring


  • Enhance the downtown revitalization effort with an innovative, cutting-edge, progressive destination
  • Occupy a City-owned space that has been empty for several years, potentially becoming a catalyst for additional tenants.
  • Move people to action that will create demand for products, services, and local talent to ultimately create & retain jobs
  • Place Jacksonville on the map as a sustainability-friendly city which invites economic development and urban vibrancy
  • Take green education and resources TO the community through the mobile unit and reach different audiences from schools and homeowner associations to churches and large community events like the annual Jazz Festival.
  • Become the “go to” source for all those interested in and working on sustainability
  • Connect green job seekers with contractors, industry experts, and potential employers.
  • Educate, inspire, activate, and connect people and businesses as they relate to green building and sustainability.
  • Partner with other sustainable leaders and concerned consumers in this market and community.
  • Enhance your brand as a sustainable leader in the Jacksonville market through extensive exposure to the professional and consumer buying public.
  • Be a part of an incredible undertaking that will have an impact in the Jacksonville community for years to come.
  • Make sustainability accessible and achievable and provide a place that leads by example


  • 45,000 visits annually to the SRC (15,000) and the Green Education Mobile Unit (30,000)
  • $1+ million economic impact
  • Create 3 full-time jobs plus a robust internship program with five local universities
  • 5-20% energy consumption reduction of 5% of visits (~1.1 million kWh reduction per year)
  • Become the demonstration site of the Chapter’s Home and Business Energy Annual Challenge


The SRC exemplifies the best of public private partnerships.  In return for a private build out, the COJ is providing free rent and utilities for five years.  With a 26% downtown vacancy rate and the average office space rent at $11 per square foot, the USGBC build out costs would be the equivalent of 7.3 years rent.  This investment from both the USGBCNF and the City will lead to the most energy efficient and highest performing office space downtown with the latest technology.  It will educate thousands of people and hundreds of businesses.


  • SRC Build-out Budget: $500,000; Green Educational Mobile Unit: $250,000
  • Support to date:
    • Free rent and some utilities from City of Jacksonville for five years
    • Five year MOU with JEA for some program and operating funds for Center
    • In-kind product and service donations estimated around $150,000
      • In-kind service donations to date: all the architectural, engineering, construction management and project supervision, legal, PR and marketing, landscape design, landscape maintenance, LEED administration, and C&D recycling
      • In-kind product donations to date: concrete, natural stone, plants for a 4 story living green wall, carpet, HVAC controls, most of the lighting and furniture, paint, electric vehicle charging station, and we expect many more as the specifications are decided.
      • $65,000 unrestricted funds for construction
  • On track to receive:
    • $25,000 grant to educate businesses on energy benchmarking and using Energy Star Management Portfolio
    • $90,000 grant for sustainability education, awareness, and programming through the Center (this is on condition that the Center gets built before June 2012)



The Sustainability Resource Center is a vision of the US Green Building Council North Florida.

The USGBCNF Chapter is a 501(c)(3) mission-driven non-profit organization committed to making green buildings available to everyone within a generation.  We are creating a positive impact on the region’s built environment by accelerating the adoption of green development practices, technologies, policies and standards. We endeavor to move the building industry forward with a combination of modernized code requirements, market-based solutions and public/private partnerships.

The Chapter’s membership is open, balanced, and comprised of leaders and visionaries from all segments of the development industry and public, including product manufacturers, environmental organizations, building owners, building professionals, utilities, city government, research institutions, professional societies, public schools and universities, and homeowners. This type of representation provides a unique, integrated platform.

Our mission:

Promote sustainable development and green building in North Florida through open, collaborative education and leadership

Our vision:

Create a sustainable community in North Florida inspired by green building within a generation.

The U. S. Green Building Council North Florida Chapter represents:

  • 11 counties in NE Florida
  • 250+ members
  • 1500+ active followers
  • 60+ active volunteers
  • 880 LEED Accredited Professionals
  • 47 LEED certified projects
  • 176 LEED registered projects
  • 4.9+ million certified sf
  • 16.6+ million registered sf

For more information, please visit: www.srcnf.org and/or www.usgbcnf.org.


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